Newborn Session Information

Baby’s 1st photoshoot will be one to treasure. Newborn sessions are best between 6-10 days after the baby being born. During these first days your baby is still very sleepy and most pose-able. All those beautiful tiny details will be captured during those early days. I will allow up to 4 hours for a newborn session.

A few points to consider:-

Please arrange your time so baby will be undressed, fed prior to the shoot so they are “milky drunk” then we can go straight into posing.

If bottle fed please bring plenty of bottles, baby will feed more than normal during the session. 

For the photographs baby will be naked, but posed so the “important bits” are not on show.

Props - I have some baskets, blankets, hats and other props. If you would like to personalise your session and bring an items that represent a hobby, favourite sports team, family heirlooms, etc, but please discuss with me first so I can work out colouring and the best way to pose baby.

Clothing – Generally baby will be naked.

Your little person will wee, poo everywhere, but no worries as everything can be washed.

I like to photograph mum and dad with baby to capture that unique connection that you have.  My photography space will be heated to ensure baby is comfortable, warm and sleepy during the sessions so please wear light clothes.

Don’t worry if baby has baby acne or very dry skin. I am able to retouch images to minimise these. Sometimes it may help to put baby lotion on prior to the shoot.

No outside cameras, videos or mobile phone cameras are allowed in the studio

What to wear – please bring a black top/trousers/skirt for some of my Black and White Collections For white background shots white tops look nice, especially strapless tops for mum as skin to skin with baby looks beautiful. Please don’t wear clothes with a logo, plain as possible

Mums and dads your nails will be showing so you may wish to make them look good. Please feel relaxed during the session, I will have snacks and drinks on hand. Your shoot will be a special experience for your “new family” Any questions please give me a call 07776 307560 or email

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