Portrait Shoot Clothing and Props.

What should I wear for my photo shoot?
Here are some suggestions regarding clothing and what to bring to your photo shoot.


 • Bright yellows, reds and oranges and neons, these sometimes give the skin tone an unnatural colour.

 • Clothing with logos, slogans or other distractions.

 • Bold stripes, polka dots, large designs, as these draw the attention away from the person’s face.

What works?

 • Blue jeans work well, with long sleeved tops.

 • Black tops against a white background give a high contrast and an interesting photographic style.

 • Clothes with texture work well such as chunky cardigans; these add a richness and depth especially when worn with a smooth fabric and converted to black and white.

 • Interesting collars, sleeves.

 • Dark socks or bare feet are best

 • Good to keep jewellery simple and minimalistic as too much draws attention away from the face.

 • Solids and subtle colours are best. Rich colours work well in autumn or winter outdoors. Pastels or neutrals are best in spring or summer.

• Bring changes of clothes for a variety of looks.

 • A colour co-ordinated group works well; everyone in the portrait should wear clothes that complement each other in style and colour. Choosing clothes with similar colours keeps the focus on the individuals.

 What to bring?

 • A comb or brush.

 • A light face powder to reduce shine that may build up on your face during the session.

 • A non-coloured lip balm. Avoid high gloss lipsticks as they reflect too much light.

 • Any props eg. If you play a musical instrument you may wish to bring that.


 • These can add colour to a photograph. They can be added or taken away to give a different look. Add interest, hats, scarves, umbrellas. If you wear a hat choose one where the brim isn't too wide as the shadow will make the face look dark. Also avoid bright colours as that may reflect into the face.


  • White blouse

 • Pretty lingerie.

 • A white sheet to wrap yourself below the bump.

 • Remember not to wear anything that would be tight across the bump a few hours before the shoot, so no marks are left.

 Children, toddlers and babies

 • For a mother and baby shoot wear a top where the straps can be dropped down. Newborns and babies have a wonderful natural skin. • Blankets are another useful tool.

 • Little ones photograph best in simple clothing. Pastels are a classic choice.

 • Although not recommended for adults or newborns children or babies look good in bold, vivid colours or prints. Primary colours (red, blue and green) work well with older children and will give a lively, playful result.

 • Props can be useful, such as a favourite toy, book or teddy.

Do consider where you will display your chosen products.

 If you have any questions please contact angelarogersphotography@gmail.com 07776 307560

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